How to ski? (Never skiied before) I need a quick lesson~~?

I'm going to ski this weekend but I have never skiied before. Can anyone give me some tips? Is it dangerous?

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    of course its dangerous, but there are ways to prevent you from getting yourself hurt. Number one, go slow. Number two, keep your skiies pointed toward each other, this will cause your skiies to etch the snow and keep you from speeding up. Number three, take your time. It takes time to learn but you should be ok if you go slow and pay attention to other skiiers, cause they might hit you. Just be careful and you will be ok. :)

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    I taught skiing for 5 years. The best advice I can give you is to get lessons. It costs about $40, but well worth it, since you really won't be skiing if you try to do it on your own. Here are some things a professional ski instructor will save you from going through:

    1. Being wet and miserable.

    2. Being sore (mostly on the rear end)

    3. Never advancing past the bunny hill

    4. A lifetime of hatred for a sport because you refused to learn properly.

    5. Possible injury (refer to the post regarding the broken leg)

    6. Possible death (hey, it happens).

    A lesson will take about an hour or so, and the instructor will have you going up and down the bunny hill with confidence. If you try on your own, you will be on the bunny hill for about 2 "runs", get sick of it, and go inside, which will waste a perfectly good $50 ski pass.

    Source(s): I ski...a lot. I used to teach skiing to beginners like yourself.
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    just_hangin' speaks the truth! A lesson will be the best forty dollars you will spend during your vacation. Having an instructor teach you the basics is a million times better than listening to any tips someone on Yahoo can give you. Also, don't cheat and ask a skiing friend to teach you, unless they are a certified instructor. Many a good relationship has been terminated by one trying to teach the other to ski.

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    I hope you have fun! the best advice to give you is to take a lesson from an instructor at the ski resort you are going to. I also am glad that you are going to try skiing rather than snowboarding-there's enough of them out there and they are overtaking the ski runs!!!!!!

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    any and all sports can be dangerous if not taken seriosly. The best tip I can give is to speak with a professional ski instructor where you are going to go sking and listen to them well. Do Not feel foolish or ashamed to do this your life and that of others will be in your hands when you get on the slope so do it right.

    Source(s): personal experience and a broken leg
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    just be happy the whole time no matter what -even if your cold and keep falling, because if you get frustrated, the whole trip will be miserable. and also, dont bundle yourself up too much with clothes so you cant move, thats not good. and in order to have the most control, you gotta go sort of fast. go side to side, and if the pizza thing doesnt work to stop, turn to the side, and put your weight towards the mountain. always keep your wight on one ski or the other, and switch around. thats all i got, good luck and have fun!!!!

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    Good day, you first try on ski, good it is a very fun sport, but like all activity you have to prepare before ,I am an advance skier, may i suggest you to take a monitor for the first time, that may make difference between you love skiing or not . have good time on slope, bye

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    Quick lesson:

    1. Keep the skis on your feet.

    2. Keep your as-s off the snow.



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    It is similar to ice skating and rollerblading in the movements you make.

    to accelerate, make a V shape with the skis, but make sure they never overlap. to brake, make a triangle shape (front toward each other) .

    when you fall, make sure you take precaution in landing because it is easy to twist your ankle or foot. Falling in the snow doesn't hurt that much though.

    Bend your knees and lean forward.

    that's all the advice i can give you..

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    When U go to a ski hill ,take a beginners course , nuttin to it.

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