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Is it true that girls think it's nerdy for guys to play videogames?

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    As I see it if the guys talks about games all the time, and plays none stop, and plays the stupid battle kingdom stuff then yes

    but if he plays games about 2-3 time every week- two week and, doesn't talk about it all the time, and doesn't buy those magzines talking about games then no

    Because I play some games here and there and I am not nerdy

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    I'm a guy but from the answers the other people gave I apparently hang out with nerdy girls because they don't think its nerdy for guys to play videogames. But then they also play video games.

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    My GF thinks im a nerd because of it... But some girls like it, because if you play D&D, online games or read... you at least have some sort of smarts to you. Being able to hold a conversation with someone is awsome.. They do like that!!

    But like the girls that posted said... that cant be all you do.

    Source(s): My Girlfriend is HOT and one of the reasons she like me is because im a "nerd".
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    I don't think it's nerdy, and I don't think most girls find it nerdy either. It does become nerdy, however, when that's all that their guy does! Then it's not just nerdy - it's annoying!!!

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  • I personally don't mind it. I think a lot of girls judge by the type of games the guy plays. I like the fact that my bf takes time to himself and plays calms him down sometimes...LOL! Plus we play them a lot together!

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    No, but if you want to get a girl you have to get off the couch

    and that requires less time in front of the video games.

    Good Luck

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    Yes, but some really nice girls are nerds too.

  • bmi=22
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    This girl does!

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