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Just got my computer back from being serviced, had to get a new motherboard. Anyway now when I turn on my computer it asks if I want to boot up in Recovery Mode or Regular Windows XP home Edition. Never done this before. I would just like to computer to boot directly to windows when I turn it on but I can't figure out how to make it do that. I'm sure its a simple solution but I can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Boot from Windows XP . Open System Preferences . Go To the Advanced Tab . Click the Startup and Recovery Settings Button , and Chose your Default Operating System at The Top .

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    Is possible you need to reconfigure the hardware for the motherboard, do this:

    First turn on your computer and press F8 as soon the bios test have finished and windows is starting to load

    Select save mode to restart your computer, this will load a minimum set of drivers.

    On the start menu, select the Control Panel, if you have the categories view, press the classic view for this folder.

    Open the Administrative tools

    Open the Management Console

    Select the Device Manager, then select your computer at the beginning of the right pane

    Press the left bottom of your mouse over your computer name.

    Select Scan for hardware changes...

    If it ask for new drivers please insert the CD with the drivers for the mother board.

    Since you are in here, is a good idea to change the administrator password... please keep this on a safe place.


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    You don't have to do anything , just ignore the message it will boot to xp in a few seconds. If anything ever happens to your operating system, then you can use the restore option. Don't ever boot to the restore option unless it is absolutely necessary

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    boot up in recovery mode that way windows will find all the hardware and install the drivers, then reboot the system should work fron there

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    If your computer is not working properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

    Detailed instructions at

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