I really need help with society in colonial Latin America?

I need to create a social class structure in colonial Latin America

with brief descriptions of the cultural and economic activity of each group.

like their is upper class, middle class and lower class

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sure there is all of those classes and there is plenty of NO CLASS too.

    they may be right below the USA but they are equally bad mannered

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    particularly some time past the society exchange into divided into 4 castes based upon the character of provider they gain this as that they mutually verify the sleek working of the social gadget. It exchange into like the operational divisions of agencies. those 4 castes have been the 4 useful pillars on which the society exchange into status. interior the direction of time the caste began to get desperate by potential of start and later a number of those sections started pondering themselves stronger to others. This finally extra approximately the cruelty and inhuman behaviors of untouchability and so on. there has been returned and returned cautions from Hindu scholars against those inhuman behaviors. Now this methodology is getting phased out and the Hindus must be quickly out of the undesirable style it left.

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