Does anyone know the cure or how to get rid dark and discolored toe nails?

Something weird has been going on with my toe. One half is dark and the other half is clear. Vertically the left is dark and right is clear. Im not sure what cause it. But I don't like it and want to get rid of it. The only cause I could think of is from something being dropped on my toe or waiting to long to clip my nail. But it has been this way other a year.

Any suggestions. Anything similar happen to somebody else out there?

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    You may have a fungal infection of the nail. Please go to your primary care doctor, dermatologist, or a podiatrist. They can take a sample of the nail and culture it for fungus. If it is fungus and you want it treated, there are oral anti-fungal medications that work well for this. However, treatment is usually for many months, and the medications require that bloodwork be monitored on a regular basis. Topical agents have never been shown to work for toenail fungus.

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    It could be a fungal infection. You could try Teatree oil. It will probably take a couple months to see if it's working though. I would talk to your doctore also. He could perscribe something if it's fungal. It may be something totally different too that he could help with.

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    yeah, actually right now, my toe is coming off form the bottom up, because a can of canned apples fell on it. Eventually itll grow back. if your toe is BLACK and BLUE, like mine, then its just brused. but if its yellow or orange, then its probably infected or something. if theres pain, i would see a doctor.

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    you need to go to a podiatrist so that they can properly diagnosis your condition. Sounds serious enough that you need the Dr.s advice.

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