How long after a nose job can you start serious gym exercises?

I had a nose job back in May 2006 and one of the advices my surgeon told me, was not to start gym exercises that cause me too much strain.

Was wondering if anyone else here has had a cosmetic nose job and if they've had any problems with going back to the gym doing weights etc...

Many thanks and Happy New Year to all

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'd say you'd be O.K. now if you haven't had any pain as of late, but always listen to your body! Go slow at first & stop if it hurts!

    Good luck.

  • 4 years ago

    i think of you're able to do it and in simple terms ignore approximately everybody. in case you do no longer experience mushy telling everybody in simple terms tell them it replaced right into a mandatory surgical operation which you will breathe greater effectual or something, yet i be attentive to ways it feels to have an unsightly nostril haha, and that i do no longer think of it incredibly is superficial or something like that

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