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Ok here is my body build and can i play football in it?

Im 14 yrs old.

My height is 5'9.

I can throw 51 yards.

And i wanna play college football.

I cannot run very fast and the coach says i have accuracy.

I am asain.

And i want to play for USC.

I cannot life more than 45 in weights with both arms.

Can i make it and play for USC.

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    you got 3 - 4 years to get stronger and faster but to play Qb for USC you got to be good in high school first put up big numbers passing and USC will come after you

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    Nice you are asian.

    Tell your coach you want to play college football and ask him for informations on getting personal trainer or going to football camps.

    Or you can just ask him to make a work out for you.

    Building muscle and becoming strong is not hard if you take supplements like whey protein and work out in a good program.

    Since you are QB you don't have to that strong.

    Most importantly go to many QB camps and try to get speed in like agility camps.

    Also it's important that you get the height. Being tall helps you so take vitamin and get sleep.

    Check out this web site

    it has listing of this years college recruit for QB. Notice that some are fast but mostly they run 4.9 in 40 , but notice that they are ALL TALL. So get tall.

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    Two key lines, "I'm 14" and "I can throw 51 yards." Don't worry about your weight totals you're young and you've got 4 years to improve. Work on your speed and knowledge of the game. And last but definetly not least, even if you are an SC fan, watch the movie Rudy.

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    You are only 14.

    Yes, but you need to work on that upper body strength. Height (for being only 14) is good for a potential QB. Speed of fot is not that important. Look at Tom Brady and Dan Marino as mobile, but slow QBs.

    The Asian part does not come into play.

    Source(s): I'm not a scout, but you are only 14 and can workout.
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    Maybe but to be honest you've got a lot of working ahead of you before you even begin to have a slim chance. You hace to remember that USC is considered one of the top blue ribbon football programs, they take the cream of the crop of high school seniors from across the entire country. So unless you are in that top 5% of high school football players in the country, forget it.

  • i hope you can kick b-cuz you might make it as a kicker or punter.

    the average player can lift 200lbs.and if you can only lift 45 you don't have a chance.

    my advise is hit the gym and pray for a growth spirt.

    and if you do that you may be able to make it.b-cuz 51 yards is a good start.

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    Bulk up and hit the gym I'm buld the same and I want to go Boston University to play hockey, anything's possible

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    I'm no expert, and I'm a female, but I don't see why not. Some of the best football players are lighter men. Follow your passion and go for it!!

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    if you are asain and cant lift more then 45 pounds on each i mean both then you CAN'T make it to usc unless you are a all american or something then yes

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