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help period?

ok well im on the pill. on Monday I started the reminder pills but is Friday and i don’t get my period I know im not pregnant I take my pills on time and plus we use a condom wen we have sex plus he also plus out before he comes. So my question is what the wrong? What can I drink or eat to get my period because I have the cramps.


i have been on the pill for over 1 year

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    chances are if you are cramping and having other experiences similiar to when you are menustrating that you are on your period. depending on the amount of stress, our diet, illnesses, and other things going on in our bodies the amount of blood we shed varies. if you just started using the pill don't sweat it. sometimes it does that until your cycle gets regulated. your period will come when your period will come. you can't do much about it, except try not to stress. stressing only makes it take longer to arrive. you might want to make sure about that not being pregnant idea just in case you were wrong about that.

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