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ANY HELP! i have a studying problem because my friends want me down?

i was always so clever and i have to love studying and all my friends were so envy and Jealous from me because i was actually in the top. when i went to college they always want me down telling me lies to not to study and recently i was so affected by them and my grades fall and i started hating my study stuff i don't know what to do I WANT TO LOVE MY STUDY BACK ?!

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    You weren't taking English or Communication classes, I see.

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    First and foremost, are you still hanging out with those friends of yours? If you are not, good for you. If you are, please ask them to get away from you. They are such bad influence! Now your i-hate-study problem. If you want to love your study back, I suggest you start doing the study stuff which you like most. This might help you in recovering the passion which you lost. Remember that nothing is impossible. Work hard and you'll see your grades up again. All the best!

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