What is a good way to store assisted opening knives when not in use?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are no special storage requirements needed for assisted opening knives. As with all knives they should be stored in a controlled environment i.e. temp., humidity and should have a light coating of rust preventative applied. If they are going into long term storage they should be cleaned inspected for any signs of problems i.e. rust, dirt, etc..... if any problems are found they should be addressed first, then coat the knife with a good long term rust preventative and store in a plastic or cloth bag that will provide protection from bumps and dings. Adding a VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) to the storage area may be a good idea but make sure any exotic handle materials will not suffer damage from the chemicals in the VCI or rust preventative. I always suggest inspecting the knife at least once a year to insure it remains free of rust and that the handle material is not deteriorating. One thing you want to watch out for, are the cheap cases you find everywhere. The cheap cases are lined with foam and fabric that will actually attract moisture and hold it up against the knife causing damage. Along with or instead of VCI you can use a desiccant pack (Damp-Rid) these are the little packs you see inside some electronics packaging or even food products that are moisture sensitive and say: "Do Not Eat" on them. These little packs absorb the moisture and help to prevent damage to your fine knives. Just make sure you change the packs when needed or they will actually have no protective value and may even become part of the problem. The VCI's actually create an environment that prevents rust. Both the desiccant packs and VCI's work best in a closed environment i.e. safe, drawer, tool chest etc… If you are just looking to store your knife between frequent uses just clean it after each use and place in a safe place out of the reach of those that should not have access, keep it sharp and well maintained by lubing it lightly when needed and enjoy your knife for years to come. I hope this answers your question. If I can be of any more help please feel free to contact me. Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year To All............

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    As far as strain on the spring that probides pressure to keep the blade open or closed, it doesn't matter. It is doing little or no work in either position. Personally, i would keep it closed. Keep it or them clean and lubricated, some made of cheaper metal will tend to rust/corrode, open them check for this and deal with the rust once or twice a year.

    Source(s): I have a few collectable knives and I know a bit about metal.
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    All three of my Kershaw knives actually have a lock you can slide to a locked position when not using....I am assuming you are trying to prevent accidental opening?

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