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what is a good free software program to use to backup my PC on my external hard drive? Thank you.!!?

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    I'm assuming you are using XP?

    There is a decent (OK not great) backup facility built into XP.


  • Anonymous
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    If you have done some computer troubleshooting and repair yourself, you can directly transfer data from the old hard disk to the new hard disk . Connect the old hard disk to the computer with the new drive with the secondary IDE cable. Set the jumpers , so that the new drive is configured as the master and the old drive is set as the slave. When you switch on the computer, you can directly transfer data between the 2 drives, using the copy command. More details at

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    Good day. U really dont need a program to back up yur files to your external. Jus simply drag them or copy & paste. Laterz!

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