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What is the average amount you should practice for in competitive swimming, a week? and How long should you practice a day (times and in Hours or Mins)? is there such thing as swimming too much? I swim as much as i can and im just wondering if there is anything else i should do to improve my skills. If you have any secrects Let them out!


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    I have been swimming now for about four years now and have been to the Junior Olympics a couple of times. I practice Monday through Saturday. Monday - Friday I practice from 5:00 - 7:30pm. In addition, I swim 8:00am - 12:00pm on Saturday. There is really no such thing as swimming TOO much. I swim ALL the time. Any place any time. I also go to the YMCA and practice myself once and a while. Just work on rotation, kicking, and breakouts. In conclusion, I just want to let you know you should keep the good work up. Hope this worked for you.

  • I am also a competive swimmer and the amount you practice is so important. I would practice early I mean EARLY in the morning, like 5- 5:30. This will give you a really good long warm up. Basically in the morning swim your slower distance workouts. In the morning I'd swim 500 drills (as my coach calls them) this is basically swiming freestyle drills, a different one each 100(do between 5 and 8 500's whatever you like). Start with a 600 warm up, then your main set, then a 200 warm down. Then get ready and go about your day as normal the around 2 or 3 get in for a good 2 hour workout that includes 100 and 200 interval workouts. this should get your heart racing and your body hurting. Do those freestyle. But don't limit your workout to just one stroke also try some 200 IM sets with about 10 or 15 seconds rest. I hope this helps you. My coach always told us that swimmers need to get the most yards in as possible and thats why we swim mornings.

    Source(s): High school swim season.
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    well depending on your age i am 13 and i practice a hour and a half about roughly 5-6 days a week. that could be too much or too little. don't know. no, i do not think there is such thing as swimming to much but make sure you stay in the water as much as possible to keep your skills up. the only secrets i have are listen to your coach and stay in the water

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    It really depends on a lot of factors. Depending on how competitive you are you should probably practice somewhere between 1-3 hours a day, for 5-6 days per week. It is possible to swim too much which results in "garbage yardage" which is just what it sounds like. Also, if you start to have pain other than that which is normally associated with swimming (shoulder pain mainly) you should take a break. In order to improve your skills you should probably just do a lot of drills and decrease yardage/intesnsity so that you can focus on your stroke.

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    Hi there. If you ae into competitive swimming then 1 hour swimming in the morning and 2 hours swimming in the afternoon or night.Your workout should be that of endurance and that of speed.But befor doing so you must have a check on your strokes.They must be smooth.Endurance workout is that of more distance in less time and speed workout is that of less distance in more time.More than 2 hours of practise can be harmfull. Remeber lifting weights won't just help. Run atleast 20-25mins.A major portion of endurance is made by ground exercise.If you are totally into swimming you have to work hard because you are in water as the more you hit the water more the water will hit you.

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    i practice a usual of 8 hours a week during off season swimming. in winter, i practice 16.5 hours a week. (4 days of 2.5 hour practices, and afternoons are 1.5 hours.) in swimming season with my school's team, i practice 11.5 hours a week. there is such thing as swimming too much. eventually, you burn out and lose love of the sport. to improve, do dry land. i swim an average of 5000 to 7000 yards a day.

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    The team I know of practices around an hour and a half each day 5 days a week, and thats a competitive team but like year round competitive swimming teams probably swim like 2 hours or more, idk Im jsut guessing on that one, but they do it quite often both are competitive its just the degree of competitiveness.

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