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What do u think about House NOT limping anymore?

I think it's kind of strange. And WHAT is up with only like 7 shows of LOST... and WHAT is up with DayBreak only being on about 5 times.? and nooooooooo, I'm not addicted to TV.. those are my 3 fav shows.

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    ur right, it is kinda strange having house not using his cane. i thought it was a good part of his character. and i'm a lil disapointed the way the show has gone this season. but i'm sure it will get better. after all, it is 'HOUSE'. AND THE SHORT[VERY] new episodes of lost is the time the new 1s come back on, i won't remember what happened n the last 1.they used 2 have a full season of shows [at least 13] then went 2 reruns. now like u said, they only have a few.its really aggravating.

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    Not having the limp is a bit strange, but it seems to me that the writers will be putting it back, especially after watching that last episode. I predict it will return and he'll limp once again!

    We watch the Lost episodes online at and don't really like watching the re-runs over and over. As for Daybreak, my hubby started watching it. I think they will put on a few episodes to see what the interest is, then if enough people like it they will continue the series. They don't just start a new series and plan on it being aired an entire season anymore. They have made it all too complicated!!

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    abode were given shot on the suitable of Season 2 by the husband of a affected human being that died. His limp is from having an infection in his leg muscle tissues. They shrink a number of the muscle out, consequently causing him to have a limp. At one time they tried a treatment to do away such as his discomfort and it worked for awhile inspite of the indisputable fact that the discomfort finally got here lower back, thats why he's addicted to discomfort meds!

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    I would difinitely like it if they lost the whole limping, addicted to pills, being stalked by a psycho cop thing; as far as Lost goes, the too few new episodes and being hiatus until february SUCKS totally and Day Break was way too much like Tru Calling without the good stuff and way to much like Ground Hog Day, without the hysterical Bill Murray, although they did as much as they could with those two top hot celebs! Too bad they couldn't put those two together in a really good show.

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    House wants his limp to excuse his drug use. he could have had the leg chopped off but then he wouldn't be allowed to be high all the time. It is a drug user's lucky day to have an injury that requires that they take more drugs. It just upsets people that he gets his way.

    And those shows are on hiatus to allow for vacations and travel.

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    House is the greatest!

    he got shot and cuddy helped him with some surgery

    lost is otay and daybreak is otay too

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    Maybe the whole season of House is a dream - or a bad trip on his meds?

    Lost - lost it. Not watching anymore.

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    House is back limping because the pain came back. It was pretty cool how active he was though.

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    Aside from his utterly rude comments and behavior his limp endures you to him. Him not having it would jack up the show.

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