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which university major is better?

i'm an international student. i learned english here for one year. next semester i can star my school year. i'm thinking about chossing a major. i give myself two choice, one is actuarial science, the other is biomedecial. i think i will have a headache with the business classes. and if i learn the biomedecial, there will be a hard work about english because of my english problem. actrally these two majors are both diffciult to study. please give me some advice.

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    Continue taking classes that interest you before declaring a major. If you are starting school this semester, you have a year (and in some schools. TWO years) before you have to make your decision.

    I made my decision when I was 10 years old (music), and, over 20 years later, am starting to regret it. Take your time - life is a LONG time!

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    You can always get a tutor to help you study English in most Universities. I think you are more interested in bio medical from your comments above.

    Which are you most interested in learning? Which makes more money? These are just some of the questions you need to be thinking about. Good Luck!

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    I say biomedical. Maybe get an English tutor for it. Besides if you're just starting your college education, take some classes in both of the fields and see which you like better. You can always use the other credits acquired as general requirement credits.

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    If I were you I'd very thoroughly research each one. Find out which one you seem more drawn too as well as future predictions for each field. And finally pray about it and see what God tells you to do.

    And yes if you are concerened about your English, then get a tutor. However you seem to do very well :)

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    you could replace your important at every time. For the 1st 2 years of faculty, extremely some the educational would be equivalent to any important you p.c. on. it is the traditional training training you will take that comprise training like math, technological expertise, and history.

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    Honestly you shouldn't go by what others say. You should choose the field you enjoy. You will never survive school if you don't go by what YOU like.

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