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how do i put a cell phone charm on my phone? it's a nokia 6102i?

my phone is pretty complicated and i can't figure out how? i can do it on regular phones but it's really weird? my phone has an entenna but it doesn't screw off like a bottle cap it has a little dip in it so i think the whole cover has to pop off but i don't know how to do that either?


i spent a bit of money on cell charms but can't use them so really what do i do?

Update 2:

there isn't a small opening at the top but thanks! the only way i've ever seen them on a phone is the intenna so i really don't know!

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    The only place to attach a charm is where the wrist strap is attached. I see no other place to attach a charm.

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    It should have a small opening at the corner of the phone somewhere. It's not really weird as it is a flip phone.

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    use your hands not your mouth

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