gta 3 for pc?

i need this game real hard i tried to buy it but i could not find it at any gamestop that is close to my house and i tried to order it from the internet but i could not because i do not have i credit card and my dad does not let me use his. i asked it befor but no body answered me . so iam asking again if some body knows any website that i can download it but i hop so it works

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    If you have bittorrent, i can offer a solution. You can get the game from here:

    hope that helps..

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  • liford
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    4 years ago

    i do no longer very own laptop yet from what i understand, they are just about the comparable yet perhaps gta is greater effective reason it truly is not so perplexing as fallout 3 and it has an surprising timeline (besides the undeniable fact that it is not regarding the different gtas) besides the undeniable fact that it is the comparable with fallout simply by fact it has a diff timeline.

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