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I have some kind of sickness?

I have a stuffy nose and my throat hurts. How can I cure it? What is that called?

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    A cold with postnasal drip take plenty of fluids and get some rest take a pain reliever for any pain or discomfort if you are still not feeling well after 7 days see a dr or if you start to run a fever call a dr.

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    Probably a cold. If you have a flu you will probably be achy and throwing up. There is no cure. Get vitamin C, drink juice and chicken broth. Almost everybody has a cold about this time.

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    You have the flu, soooo take some broth or chicken soup, gargle with salt water, and use some nose spray, or buy some cold medication.

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    a common cold for this time of year...there are many things you can try...stuffy nose, buy some saline spray and get a humidifier...sore throat, get some lozenges....

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    a cold? Take it easy a few days, eat chicken soup, vitamin C, and you'll be fine.

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    WebMD could help you identify that illness!

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    a cold???

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