Where did the French Revolution (war) take place?

like was there an actual "war" in the french revolution? If so, where di the fighting begin or was it like a political,social and economic war?

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    It was a revolution not a war. The peasants who were starving due to the extravagant lifestyle of the King Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette and the poor economic management of the King and his advisors, revolted and stormed the Bastille prison and also the Palace of Versailles.They overthrew the monarchy and guillotined thousands of the nobility, including the King and Queen. They then proceeded to democratically elect the first leaders of the Republique. I also saw in a documentary that Louis XVI provided all the guns and ammunition for the Americans fighting to get rid of the British in the War of Independence and that this also put a major stress on the French economy.

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    The people thought that it was unfair that the French King and his Queen

    (Louie the Sixteenth and Marie Anotionette) were spending all the money of themeselves and not taking care of there country

    therefore the people rebel against them and killed them all well hanged them

    but there is just like a summary there is details of it

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    the two activities handed off in the Georgian era which began with the accession of George I in 1714 and resulted in 1830 with the loss of life of George IV. The Regency era is the era between 1811, whilst King George III replaced into deemed no longer worth to rule and his son, the Prince of Wales, ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent. In 1820 the Prince Regent grew to alter into George IV on the loss of life of his father.

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    the "french" revolution took place in france.

    the major uprising was in paris. it had social, political, and economic undertones.

    you might want to jump into that history text book or the history channel.

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    I think the original rebellion began in Paris, near Bastille and Jeu de Paume.

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    In Versailles, France the King was kept in house arrest and was overthrown. He was executed in Paris.

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    i think the King wasnt liked anymore and he didnt want to give up the seat so the people were gonna overthrow him , he and the queen fled but they got caught and were killed

    see the movie Marie Antoinette

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