How do i clear my computer of spyware/adware/mal- ware for free?

I have all of these alerts popping up on my computer and all of the products they are offering to help clear my system are too expensive, but i don't want my computer messed up.

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    go to (PC Cillian) free scan for both viruses & adware, click free virus scan, when finished go back then click on free spyware scan. Go to : free ad-adware & spywaredoctor. If you have a firewall that could be preventing the install you have to change settings to allow, also if it says need active X, you need to click the yellow bar (right click to allow). Also to run in the back ground try spywareblaster & free firewall zonealarm all found at type program name in search. You need to ensure when trying the freebies you click on the free options only, read carefully. I also use (free virus) it also has a window that pops up when updating it is just for information purposes (advertisement) you just click ok, and continue, a lot have that, just ignore it & click ok to continue with free versions. Scanning can take upto an hour or more. spywareblaster found at "".


    I use all programs listed. If you can't get the freebies, 1st uninstall all by start program uninstall, then search for all aspects of the program to remove. Then restart puter - then try freebies again. I have gone into the registry to remove all but don't recommend this to anyone unless they know what they are doing there or you can kill your computer.

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    Ok heres the thing with spyware, trojens and adware(let call them junk for the rest of this dialog) there is no one program developer that can take care of them all free or not. I know there are tons of programs that say they do, but its not true. It takes alot more work to find, classify, and remove this junk than it does to create them; and there are more people making them than working to get rid of them. Does that mean that there is nothing we can do? No, a good defense is a good offense in this situation. First you need a firewall. A firewall is like the front door to your house, you let in and out what you want but not what you don't. So when junk comes a knockin you can close the door and keep it out. Now there is some clever junk that still gets in, thats where anti junk programs come in. Like i said before there in no ONE program developer that can get rid of them all. So you should use at least two. But doesn't that get expensive you say? No, lucky for you and all the other tight wads out there some of the best programs are free, yes free, as in no yearly fees, one time fees, ect... I know this because i've tried alot of them myself free and not free; and the best were free.(in my experience)You should also invest in some virus protection, i can only recommend Norton Internet Security.(It has both firewall and anti virus but is not free) Well thats it, just remember to keep them updated. Oh yeah below are the links to some free programs(and descriptions of). Download, install, update and run them all and you will be junk free.

    Ad -Aware=




    p.s. these are all free and don't take up allot of processing power unless your using them.

    P.S.S. Ccleaner also has a registry cleaner that can fix alot of damage junk could have caused.

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    Scan the PC with standard antivirus software. If you do not have one, I can give a few links that offer free virus and spy ware removers...!You may be having a virus or spyware installed on your PC. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at and

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    try these two free downloads both work great getting the spyware out of your computer.

    I use both spybot search and destroy plus ad-aware se personal...they both caught spyware that came in when I downloaded firefox2....safer browser they say???

    Hope that this helps you!

    spyware blaster is also good for killing the pop ups and it too is free.

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    Download, update and run Spybot--- . Don't forget to use the Immunize feature.

    Download, update and run Adaware---

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    GO TO

    the first 3 programs listed are must haves and they are all free

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    It sounds like you might have some extortionware on your system,if the above suggestions don't work use these links follow all instructions.

    Don't buy any of those progs!

  • Anonymous
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    AD-aware - personal

    avg antispyware

    spybot search and destory

    anitspyware blocker


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