Is there a site where you can get novel length fanfiction bound w/ art & how much would it be ?

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    1 decade ago
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    Do you mean you want to self publish a book with illustrations? If so do a internet search for Self Publishers or look in the yellow pages for a local company. In Canada one company I know of is Trafford Publishing -- they are located in Victoria, BC and do have a web site with alot of information about what you need to do to get a book ready to publish. You can email your book to a publisher and they will even edit and format it for you -- of course extra cost. The more books you order the cheaper each one is. But realistically you are probably looking at $2000 to $5000 depending on type of cover, number of pages, colour or b&w illustrations.

    Now if you are thinking of just one "book" for yourself that you have already printed and edited and formatted, you can take the pages to Staples or Kinkos or most local printers and they will bind the book in different ways, you can have spiral bound with a hard or soft cover, or string bound by a bookbinder (very expensive) or even paper/glue bound with a soft cover -- sort of like a paperback novel. These types of binding is not very expensive probably less than $25.

    Source(s): My son works for a large printing company and he told me.
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