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Who has heard of SMC (specialty merchandise corporation)? And is there anybody who makes money doing it?

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    I don't think it's a pyramid as they don't push for you to sign up others into the company. But they do make a lot of money off the "vendors" (those who wish to sell) by selling their merchant services, web site service, coaching service, etc.

    It's be better to start your own site for around $100 a year than the $300 plus you'll invest in their generic site (this also requires that you know something of building and designing your own site) and to use paypal then the 4-7% they'll take for their merchant services which allows buyers to pay by Visa, MC etc.

    Starting your own site is a lot of work but what new business doesn't require that? You certainly won't get something from nothing.

    Is their merchandise as high a quality as advertised? Don't know. Haven't seen it but there are A LOT of unhappy people with SMCs vendor services and product quality.

    Here's one

    Google them and you'll see more.

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    They've been around such a long time, so someone must be making money. I once knew of a small store that bought merchandise from them. But, I think using their catalog as your own looks bad because so many people have the same catalog.

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    Two words: pyramid scam.

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