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Would you rather have a Lesbian boss or a Gay Man boss and why?

I want to ask this question because I need to read about horror stories or happy experiences with said type of bosses.

I know sexual orientation doesn't mean squat in a company but, let's just say it did matter for personal preference or conscientious reasons.

Come on people, let's just toy with the idea.

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    I've had both - and for a male, go with the gay male every time. Unlike the lesbian, he won't try to prove he can out-guy you.

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    About the lesbian, I don't know. As far as I know, I have never had that experience.

    About the gay, I have, and all of them have been bad. For some unknown reason they don't like me, and they have made my life a real wall of despair.

    Don't tell me that it was because I was confrontational because I wasn't. I just tried to do my job the best way possible, but I realized that they liked some people and they disliked other, me included, for no apparent reason.

    The only good thing was that I realized that it was not only me. We had the misfortune of being on his/her bad side

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