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i need help for my story!!!?

if two bodies were burned until they were gone in a small closed basement , would there be a smell in the basement 50 years later?? And how do you know?jw


and what would the smell, smell like? ( beside burning bodies)

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    Yes there would be a smell after 50 years if the basement was locked and sealed and never opened after the fire. It would smell like burnt flesh, wood, musky. Have you ever been near a fire? If so write what you smelled. Have you ever burned your hair like on your arm or something? It would have a weird smell, I really don't know how to describe that. Just a weird smell for burnt hair.

    I hope that I helped.

    Source(s): me, burning wood, burnt my hair. and burning my hand aren't I careful. LOL
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    I think a smell would still exist. Just what it would be like, no clue.

    Smell is our reaction to particles of substance in the air that we breathe.

    mold = musky, earth = soil, soot = fire remains long lasts in time so I cry my tears all day at the sight of

    -- oh, sorry about that! Muse just struck me. (you may use that)


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