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Can anyone help me (aol)?

I have two question............................

1.Ok I had a friend on the computer his e-mail was ( That was about 4 years ago, i really miss talking to him, and wanted to know if anyone know him, or new how to get his new name, or talk to him again????????, thanks, I beleave his name is "Micheal"

2. Next there is this guy ( well i never see him online and i think he is mad at me (i know it is stupid but i really miss talking to him) if you have aim, or aol. and you ever get bored or want to help i would love it.......... His name is Jeff.......... Just ask him if you is mad at lillilacpanther, or Elizabeth, You can also get a hold of me at one of these,, or aol, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if you do want to help please tell me by answering this Quesion, or sending me a message or IM, PLEASE PLEASE help, you can also give me your E-mail, to get a hold of you thanks again and again

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    just go to myspace and make some new friends.

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    1 decade ago

    sorry i cant help you i dont have aol and if i did i cant just go about trying to ask people ??? on aol they may get mad

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    guess what i don't know

  • Anonymous
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