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Do you find it amazing to find that some teenagers ..?

do not really know how to take care of themselves? Do you think that if they

were left alone in this world, they could

manage? Should they not be self-sufficient

insofar as is realistic.

(P.S. The Marquis de Lafayette was only 18 when he came to the United States on official business, they say...)

The reason I am asking is that when I was 18, I was vulnerable and not careful of my own best interests. I think people should be taught as early as possible to run fast, arrive safely, and stay safe! I do not want to go through that again. In addition, I would want a profession that would carry me through in case of emergency, something that I could do well, and not just for my age.

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    I've been on my own since about age 13. I lived at home until age 16 but still raised myself for most of my life. I have 2 well adjusted kids. I've had some really bad times but now am doing well. I have taught my kids how to do everything from being street wise to bill paying, doing housework, yardwork, and have instilled in them the work ethic. They would know how to take care of themselves if anything happened to me.

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    I agree with you that by age 18 everyone should have at least some abilities that could carry them through life. Either that or they would have to learn quickly if left on their own. Some teenagers work and are very responsible people and able to plan and think for them self-those teenagers deserve credit for being so smart and well adjusted and so do their parents in some cases!

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    maybe all teeneagers should go through the Marines boot camp at age 16. They always think they know everything. I know I felt like that. Well, I was actually smart enough to know I didn't know everything, but I was too stupid to stop being an a s s.

    Yes, the kids now-a-days need to grow up. (man, I feel like I'm talking like I'm 80, and I'm only 22)

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    Thats not fair. Some teenagers as myself are very responsible and some are not. I know that if i was left alone in this world i would be capable of taking care of myself.

    It really depends on the teen

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    Yes. Not all, but I know of quite a few who never want to move out of their parent's house. I am also bothered that young people today are not more aware of current events. Maybe when the draft is reinstated it will get their attention.

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    todays youngsters, thinks they already knew everything when;

    * they starts learning how to smoke

    * they begin to grow their pubic hair

    * they starts annoying their parents and other people

    * they begin to realize that, they can stay a kilometer away from home

    * they starts learning how to drink.

    * they think that, they already know everything when they get there!

    and yes todays youngs are far more irresponsible when it comes to being taught...

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    that is true the way kids are raised here in the west deosnt enable them to fight for themselves the have evrything and have people to count on as opposed to other continents so i mean but thanks for sharing

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