mmorpg's good or bad?

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    Depends which one you mean really. The only bad aspect of MMORPG'S is how everyone rants about weather its got pvp or not. Not sure why that's so important, most of the time pvp just means, someone who thinks their badass and gotta try proving it to the entire gaming community who doesen't give a rats *** anyways.

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    mmporpgs (herein: mmporpgs) are an immensly fun way to play games They allow you some degree of interaction with other humans, albeit through a videogame character. the beauty of these games is that, when you reach the maximum level of the game, there are still other things you can do so it's not just a dead end. It never ends. And also there are so many people with so many styles and so many places to go and things to kill/collect that you could play every night untill you die and no 2 sessions will be the same. However, there is a downfall: they tend to be VERY time consuming. Like, really bad. I have been playing W.o.W. since last november and, i'll be honest with you, if i don't have work the next day I'm on there until 3 in the morning. Also they're HIGHLY addictive (like legal crack). I can also tell you that even when i HAVE work the next morning, i've stayed up till 3 in the morning because I was in the middle of a raid and i'll be d****d if I give up.


  • well i love them but i started to let them kinda TAKE OVEr i mean i was CONSTANLY on them i couldn't stop don't forget to TAKE A BREAK!!!!! and keep at it also you have to work for a living and thats sorta what you gotta do in a game like that

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    As long as you can distinguish right from wrong, reality from game, and don't let it take over your life, they are a blast.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, MMORPG's are just a gateway drug to devil worship.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think they're good as long as you don't let them take over your life

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