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Quote on lobbyists/lobbying?

does anyone know a quote on lobbyists are good and then another quote on how they are doesn't have to be a quote, it can be a metaphor or anything, it just has to be able to be used as a hook for a speech

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    Lobbyist motto: If you can't convince them, confuse them.

    "Please don't tell my mother I'm a lobbyist. She thinks I'm a piano player in a whore house."

    "the truth of the matter is that the federal government is a labyrinth through which no individual or corporate citizen can navigate without the assistance of a Washington-based organization, trade association, lobbying firm, or a congressional office."


    "But when lobbyists and, in many cases, lawyers, are on the strategic defensive, it must be recognized that they are fulfilling a vital function in the checks and balances of a limited, constitutional government with a distinct bias in favor of the private sector and ordered liberty. One can disagree with the positions or viewpoints they might advocate in the political and governmental bazaar, but it is an entirely legitimate, even necessary function in a free society. You cannot take the politics out of politics."

    How to Tell Good Lobbyists From Bad

    By G. Tracy Mehan, III

    Published 6/22/2006

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    The corporate lobby in Washington is basically designed to stifle all legislative activity on behalf of consumers.”

    Ralph Nader

    “I just want to lobby for God.”

    Billy Graham

    "One of the biggest challenges for people when they’re faced with a public policy issue is defining what the issue is from the perspective of people in government. I think the main thing a client should be looking for in a lobbyist or a government relations consultant is for help to think the way people in government have to think when they’re looking at an issue. It’s the only way you’re going to win the day on an issue." Sean Moore

    “The President is the people's lobbyist.”

    Hubert H. Humphrey


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    How about this one:

    "My lobbyists are good, your lobbyists are bad." Charles Kuffner

    Seems to cover the bases.

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