If Saddam Hussein accepts Jesus before the gallow, will he be accepted into heaven next to Jesus?

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    1 decade ago
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    Saddam Hussein is guilty of a multitude of horrific crimes. But no crime, however heinous, and no number of crimes, however dizzying the tally, is deserving of eternal suffering. That is not justice. But I don't believe in an afterlife, so whether people think he's going to heaven or hell is irrelevant to me. The real question is, is justice being served? Saddam's death will not bring back the dead or undo the suffering he's caused, but it will show him and others like him that no one, no matter how untouchable he might have thought he was, can do what he has done and go unpunished.

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    I was a volunteer chaplain in a hospital for 4 1/2 years I heard a lot of death bed confessions and I know that they were sincere and accepted Jesus and i know they are in Heaven now and if Saddam truly accepts Jesus and ask for forgivness yes he will make it into Heaven

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    1 decade ago

    Since when did Jesus have anything to do with it? If Jesus is a God, then you are breaking the 10 commandments of worshiping another God above the one who supposedly created heaven and earth.

    Since Jesus was supposedly the son of God (much needed story for it to be accepted by other cultures at the time, ie Romans), and we are God's children, then why hold him in such esteem? Are we not therefore all children of God? Granted God did rape Mary supposedly.

    Hopefully nobody accepts the fictional character Jesus and realizes that all religion is just a multi-trillion dollar per year scam.

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    1 decade ago

    Faith without works is dead, And a dead Faith is worse than no Faith at all............

    Oh,....I doubt Gandhi is in Hell his inspiration came From Tolstoi's Book "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you" which he read repeatedly while in prison.

    Non Christians Don't all go to hell in the same way Imagine not all Christians make it to heaven. They are judged by the light that they have recieved,Thier consience and the Ten Comandments. Acepting Jesus or any other rediemer as a wild Card has been the misguiding of countless horrors

    So in my humble opinion absolutely not, niether will Bush or any other warlike nation.....or its leaders or peoples

    I think heavens full of the Omish

    Narrow be the Gate and few whom find it

    I think that all of us should say a prayer for him and all of the people who have needlessly died.

    Can any of you forgive him, after all isn't that was Christianity's about.

    Its easy for God or Jesus to forgive

    The true test of Love and Faith is for us to do the forgiving.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes. But the likelihood of Saddam turning to Jesus is very close to the devil deciding that he too was wrong.

    Some people even think that way: "I'll do what I want for all my life and then turn to God just before I die". Their unbelief and shame will not allow them to do that.

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    God's love for the world was so great that He sent His Son to save us. It is not the good people in the world that God loves, so much, because there aren't any that are good enough.

    1 John 1:9 states that anyone who confesses their sins will be made righteous before God and thus will escape the lake of fire at judgment.

    The hard part is that many who think they are good will not escape judgment because they have not confessed their sins.

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    4 years ago

    they did no longer. additionally, Jesus had to end His existence and die on the go in the past everybody made it into Heaven. He had to fulfill the prophecy first, and Christianity does not focus on His beginning. We center our concept and gratitude for giving His existence so we could be forgiven. His beginning, of direction, is relatively important - are not getting me incorrect! people who died in the past Jesus have been sent to "Paradise" or have been saved asleep in Christ (i think of somebody extra knowledgeable is extra helpful at explaining those 2 issues, ought to you want to make clean it - sorry for my lack of wisdom on that one!). as quickly as Jesus ascended into Heaven, those asleep and/or in Paradise have been taken to Heaven, too. Sheesh, i'm hoping I have been provided that suitable. Oh, nicely, proves i'm a common Christian, besides! desire I helped!

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    1 decade ago

    IF he were SINCERELY to repent and be converted, then he would be allowed to enter heaven ... and stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ where he would be judged as for rewards "if any". If his works are "wood, hay, and stubble" then he would be "in", but barely!!

    None of us know just what happens in the moments leading to death or in the moments of death. But it seems quite UNLIKELY that the likes of Hitler, Hussein, Stalin, etc. (with their hearts to hardened) would SINCERELY repent and be converted!!!

    I most definitely would NOT expect he would be "next to Jesus"!!!!

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    No deathbed repentance is not accepted by Christ. Think about it. The purpose of life is to learn from our mistakes. If you are to be rewarded for a life that was filled with mistakes and you were never required to make ammends for those, how fair would that be. Saddam will have to pay for his sins himself.

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    1 decade ago

    A lot of Christians would say so. A few magic words go a long way in Christianity. For Christians what you believe is more important than how you live.

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