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help i can't get my bf's exwife out of our lives,should i just learn to live with it or bail?

been going with my bf for 5 yrs and just got engaged.the problem is his exwife jo.she still loves him and will not leave us or his family alone.they have a 8 yr old son tom and jo uses him like bait to get into family functions and to contact my bf daily.she calls him for EVERYTHING, from tom stubbing his to toe to his last bowel movement(not kidding)which then leads into a 15-20 min conversation about other things.this would not bother me much if she was not such a ***** to me.she always trys to undermind me to my inlaws,and has made it very clear she wants me to have nothing to do with her bf will not say anything to her period as he said he wants to take the high road with her for tom's sake and has told me if i don't like it get out.they have joint custody so she can't deny him visatation rights.he said i don't have a child so i won't understand his reasoning.i just feel she is controlling him thru tom and to involved in our lives.i have to live with it or get out am i wrong


one last thing he did not leave her for me i met him after he left her

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    No, you're right. He's with you now - not her. If he's not willing to tell her to back off and let him live his own life, then you need to know (if you stay) she will ALWAYS be there. The choice is yours to make. Can you deal with her calling your man everyday for the rest of his life? Good luck.

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