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How to tune my guitar?

I have a qwik tune automatic chromatic tuner, is there any trick to using this, because my guitar still does not sound in tune.

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    i have the same tuner. make sure its on, and the microphone is near your guitar strings. hit one string at a time, and make the strings higher and lower until the light becomes green, or until the meter is in the middle. make sure only one string is going at a time

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    my band teacher takes a piano and tunes the guitar that way or you could get a MT9000

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    most tuners that come with guitars are pieces of crap

    so u should buy a new 1 or somthing

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm trying to learn how to tune my brothers guitar. I have no clue how..

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you wanna tune it by hand go here.


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    maybe theres some thing with your tuner maybe you need a pitch pipe or a new brain

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    Take it to the store they will help you for free(sometimes).

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    with a string

  • Konrad
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    idk.. just use an electric keyboard and tune it by ear

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