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how many ppm do you need a water softener?

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    PPM= "parts per million" what element are you referring to?

    Unless your water softener also prints "pages per minute"??

    Your question is a bit perplexing !

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    The total hardness for the city I live in in southern California is around 200 ppm (about 12 grains/gal). I have a water softener and the improvement is noticeable.

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    Your water should be checked for hardness. There are test strips you can do it yourself. A local distributor of water softeners can help you and check to make sure your unit is working right.

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    Go by grains of hardness. Ask yourself if you really need one. Do you really need another high maintenance appliance. If the hardness dosen't bother you don't get one. I have seen softiners installed with water at 6 grains. and no softiner where it is 22 grains hard.

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