how can I practice my interests outside the school?

Hi. I am starting this year as 1 year undergraduate student to work on Bachelor of Computer Science. I am thinking to work in future as computer programmer (or software engineer) or do something with hardware or both. I currently work on weekends and vacation as part-time merchandiser at Macy's for a low-wage. It gives me of course no experience and only take away my time and I don't earn much. I think about quitting and getter a better job, related more to my field. Would be at first experience with computers working at Bestbuy with repairing, reinstalling software, parts and troubelshooting computers a good idea? should I get for that A+ certification?

I am near 20 years old. I go to DePaul University.


I think I am more actually interested on software entry-level job, but working with hardware is good idea for me too.

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    I'm not sure that working at Macy's is a bad thing. Having a job will show future employers that you are industrious and know how to manage your time. Switching over to Best Buy sounds OK if you would like that job better. You might want to see if DePaul can set you up with an internship. Perhaps you could get work as a student assistant in DePaul's IT department--manning their help desk, etc. Good luck.

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    Yes it is a wonderful idea why waist your time doing something you are not in to at least bestbuy offers u something u are interesed in and took many years to learn and much money to go to school for.... best of luck

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