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could you live like a spider?

the spider lives with hisher "food trap," the web. web gets blown away. spider weaves another in minutes. they just wait and eat and occasionally breed. would you like a trap like that? just have a few steel traps and you just wait for dinner if you aren't a fussy eater. sounds like a pretty simple life, eh?

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    do i live like a spider...? hmmmm... NOOOO I HATE SPIDERS i hate them so! they r so ugly! oo my gosh they r ugly!

    r u ubsessed withthem cause no one in this world would know that much about SPIDERS!

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    I think if life lasted only a few months, I would be quite

    content to be a spider. Better to be the spider than the

    fly, anyway.....But let's face it, that would get old after

    75 years. You can only spin a better web and catch a

    bigger, juicier fly for a little while, and then what?

    At times we think that we would enjoy a simple life, free

    of stress and worry. To have only to eat, and sleep, and

    screw....what could be easier than that? The truth is, its

    too easy. Simple games are rarely fun- at least not for

    very long. We humans yearn for challenge, for discovery,

    for new experience, for greater understanding. This is

    why we make our lives so complicated- because its fun ;-)

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    I love to be blown. And have dinner waiting. Yeah I could live like that.

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    It is how we live. We are who we are and wait for opportunity to come along, and we put out our devices for opportunity to get entangled in them.

    I've always considered retailers to be espeacially obvious that way - not spiders in their webs, but retailers in their shops.

    Source(s): (Nothing wrong with that; I'd love to have my own shop).
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    That's a simple life, I guess. But spiders get stomped on. I'd rather be a bird so I can fly. I think there's more freedom in that. Plus you can crap on the people that stomp on spiders. :-)

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    To live a simple life, such as a spider... sounds superb.

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    simple lives arent very fun.

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