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What's OK for gym class dress code?

Should a school / school district write its dress code so that in gym class guys are allowed to go without a shirt? If so, should girls be allowed to wear cropped shirts or sports bras with no shirt over them to gym class? This question is being discussed in my district.

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    no musile shrits at my scoo but people do anyway what are the gonna do

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    I work in a school and gym is the place where male and female are most likely to interact more freely and allowing them to dress more freely would not be a good decision because their hormones are already jumping high and everyone does not know how to use good judgment in clothing. For instance, some may choose to wear daisy dukes, or tops that are to revealing.. guys may want to take their shirts off and flex. (Anyway you look at it, there should be a uniform for gym class.)

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    I think they shouldnt wear anything they wouldnt wear walking around in the halls. Guys wouldnt walk aroud with no shirt on and no way would see you girls walking around in sport bras. Short and a short sleeve shirt or a tank top is what the code should be.

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