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For teenagers...?

... learning to cook.... What would be the best things to start with?

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    Pasta, cookies, & soup are always easy. Mashed potatos. Just follow recipes and you should be good. Have funn. :-)

  • Sarah*
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    I would start out with making cookies. I cook sometimes and I am 18.

    A few months ago, I had a muffin disaster!

  • Anonymous
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    Tacos (practice cooking meat long enough)

    Spaghetti (Practice cooking noodles long enough)

    A vegetable (To cook until tender)


    Simple 1 layer cake, then move to a 2 layer

    Banana nut bread

    Should be a good start!

  • Kevin
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    I Think u should cook is mac & cheese simple

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    Meat Eggs Bacon ask your mom

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    mac n cheese, salisbury steak, beef stew, grilled cheese, pot pies, would work great for starters, i started at age 7 though, this is what i started making, only got better from there.

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    try mac & cheese or fettuchine alfredo or cookies

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    i have no dam idea sorry

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