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What digital camera should I buy?

My wife is a novice but wants a camera to take picture of the grandson. She wants good clear pictures which are easy to download. Thanks if you have any suggestions

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    canon is the best for digital cameras. i think kodak cameras are better for 35mm. if price is a concern, i would recommend getting a 3-4 megapixel camera since they produce great 4x6, 5x7 and the file size is usually smaller so it's easier to share online/upload to email. a higher megapixel count is good if you're planning on making large photos or if you are zooming in.

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    Canon, Try the SD series (600 or 630, both under $300) or the A series (530 or 540, both under $200). We have the SD600 and it takes excellent photos.

    Stay away from Kodak. Kodak makes great film, horrible digital cameras.

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    Canon is the best. Preferably 6 or 7 megapixels. This camera is about $ 200.00 but it is worth it for the high quality pictures of Canon.

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    Get a canon, their cameras own. Canon is the best company in digital cameras. Here click on the links. I recomend the Powershot G7

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    Hey there....I vote Kodak for folks who are really interested in learning how to take pix's and learn the way to use the different settings. For folks who just want to look, shoot and print, I'd say HP....they have 3 different kinds of cameras, with everything at the touch of a button.

    Source(s): Have a kodak, my hubby has worked demo'ing HP cameras this Christmas ;-)
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    canon all the way. i just got a canon digital camera for christmas.. nad it takes very clear pictures and its very easy to download

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    I agree with people that say Canon. Don't know why, but pictures just tend to turn out better. I think it's because it has a better range of sensors and so on so if you use automatic mode it takes a better picture.

    Source(s): experience
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    exactly my question. I have done some research and I think I am going to get HP M527

    Sounds like a good camera and it's not very expensive.

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    You need a point and shoot camera. Try a Kodak Easyshare. Great for beginners.

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    a good one

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