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Can someone tell me everything about the houston rockets and miami heat.?

How many times have the played together? Who are all the players on the Rockets & Miami Heat team|? Who is the best?

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    This season, the Rockets and the Heat have faced each once during the pre-season and once during the regular season. The first time was at Miami on 10/25/06. The Rockets won 96-71. The second time was also at Miami on 11/12/06. The Rockets won 94-72.


    Rafer Alston

    Shane Battier

    Chuck Hayes

    Luther Head

    Juwan Howard

    John Lucas III

    Tracy McGrady

    Dikembe Mutombo

    Steve Novak

    Scott Padgett

    Kirk Snyder

    Vassilis Spanoulis

    Bob Sura

    Bonzi Wells

    Yao Ming


    Earl Barron

    Michael Doleac

    Udonis Haslem

    Robert Hite

    Jason Kapono

    Alonzo Mourning

    Shaquille O'Neal

    Gary Payton

    James Posey

    Chris Quinn

    Wayne Simien

    Dwyane Wade

    Antoine Walker

    Jason Williams

    Dorell Wright

    The Rockets' record as of 12/28/06 is 17-12. They just got back McGrady after missing 7 games due to back spasms. They will lose Yao Ming for at least the next 6 weeks due to a fractured right tibia which occurred a few days ago.

    The Heat's record as of 12/28/06 is 13-15. O'Neal had knee surgery toward the end of November and was expected to miss 4-6 weeks; he is still out.

    Considering all of the injuries both teams have faced so far, the Rockets have fared better, as evidenced by their record.

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    Rockets are on a 5 activity prevailing streak. the warmth additionally won 3 in a row. i think of the rockets would be extra hungry. because of the fact their attempting to push for the 8th spot in the western convention.I doubted they'd of beated Boston, so i'm going to offer it to Houston this time. BQ: Thats a stable deal for $3 hundred.00. tremendously for a collection that's without doubt certainly one of the maximum well liked in the NBA and their no longer noise bleed seats.

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    The roster for the Rockets is:

    The roster for the Heat is:

    I have no idea how many times they've played together. Based on the roster I would have to say the Heat, but the Rockets are the better team.

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    Go to NBA.Com and select the teams

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    i thank right know miami as the edg

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