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I screwed up. Now what do I do??

What do I do??

I hooked up with my best friend's girl. We were both drunk and she doesn't want to tell him. Do I tell him and take the hit??

Or wait til she tells or he finds out??

I don't want to lose a friend. It does go bros b4 ho's right?? Then he should be on my side, right??

*I don't mean that I think she is a whore(although many think she is)

Is it better for me to tell him soon here and deal with the fact that our friendship will be a little weaker(not destroyed tho)


Not say anything until she has been with all our friends??

Would you rather hear it from your friend or g/f??

What would she be able to blame on me??

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    You better step up and tell your boy. He should dump her anyways for being a slut. Better for him to know now than way later. How could you be friends if the whole time you have this on your conscience? He is not your friend if you can keep a secret like that from him!

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    too bad you didn't think of 'bros b4 ho's' BEFORE you destroyed your friendship

    you should step up and be honest alone, forget what anyone else is doing, take responsibilty for your actions and your friendship

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    Drunk or no that was totally wrong and even if u are drunk u are very much aware of your actions.

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    just tell him, it may take some time for him and you to become as close friends as you were, but if he finds out you kept this from him he well just be more mad

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    just be honest this is the best thing you can do

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    you should tell him first

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