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I think Saddam shouldn't be hung, do you agree with why I say so?

Saddam was a dictator. We all know that and we all know that because of his orders a lot of people died. For this he will be hung very soon. But I say that he should be given a life sentence and not killed.

Why? OK, I think that a lot of the people in todays world would do what he did if given the chance.

I'm saying that a lot of people would do as he did if they thought that they wouldn't be stopped and thought that they would never have to pay the price for their actions. And by killing him, it would be pointless death. He will never get into power again (if jailed for life) and never be able to hurt people again.

I say death should be for people who actually commit murder with their own hands and only if they do is cruelly and if more than one person is killed and also if it is pre-meditated.

Does anyone agree? I'm not a liberal (I'm actually opposite and I don't say this because of the bible or such).

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    Saiyajin, like it or not, it's a 99% chance Saddam will not see next week.

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    Then the world owes an apology to all the Nazi's who ordered the the killing of jews and others during WWII. They were caught and some killed for their crimes.

    Saddam ordered the killing of thousands of his own people. He also killed people with his own hands although he was not on trial

    for thoses murders. He is a mass murderer, wether or not he pulled the trigger himself. HE ordered people tortured, some were put in a wood chipping machine alive. The man deserves to die.

    Black_Girl, The US didn't convict him, the Iraqi's did under iraq laws. Iraq will hang him not the US.

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    So because you would kill 100 of thousands, even millions of people if give a chance. You think that shouldn't carry some sort of permenant solution?

    WOW dude lay off the kool-aid and yes you are a liberal if you believe you should be able to get away with killing millions of innocent lives.

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    As far as I am concerned, the people who won't dirty their hands by doing their own murders are worse than those who actually do the killing.

    Should he hang? Let the living victims decide.

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    I'm anti death penalty, so I don't think he should die.

    I don't agree with you based on your reasoning however.

    I won't cry when he's executed though, wheather he lives or dies won't personally effect me. its the principle that we have a sentence such as death that I have an issue with

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    I absolutely agree with you. We should not go down to the levels of criminals. We should show the world that the USA is not a killer that kills anyone who disagree with them.That would be the right thing to do

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    The only reason i would like him to have a life sentence is so he could rot in jail instead of being a martyr for his supporters.

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    i agree with what you are saying. but they maybe looking at it this way. he still has a lot of followers out there. when America pulls out. they can always break into the prison and get him out. he is a very dangerous man in his thinking. and those people over there are sadistic in the way they kill. he better hope god has mercy on his soul.

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    Your question and details are contradictory, you say death for murderers if cruelty is used and if it is premeditated. That is exactly what Saddam did to thousands of people. His death can't come to soon.

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