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how do u calm down if ur pets dies?

whenever my pet dies i cry for hours how could i be more strong email me at k

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    Don't feel bad about crying or make yourself feel inferior for doing so, losing a pet is tough, and know that when you get a new one, know that it will die some day, and know that all you can do is give the animal a great life. I have lost over 13 dogs in my family and it is tough, normally we just replace it, but I always feel bad about it, so usually I take old pictures of the pet we lost and make an album dedicated to them.

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    I don't think you should be worried about how you feel when your pet dies. We don't have to be strong at this time. We need to allow ourselves time to grieve, to feel the compassion we had for the unwaivering friendship of an animal companion.

    When one of my rats dies, and they only live 2-3 years, I go through the normal grieving process, and then I pick myself up and keep on going. Some day I will be able to bring another into my home and my heart. I still have many rats to care for, and it would not be good for them if I fall into a depression.

    The only way you are going to be stronger is to harden your heart and not get close to the animal(s) that are in your care. I don't think you want to do that.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your pets :*(


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    So far I have lost three wonderful kids since I was 21 - one that I loved for 17½ years and held since she was barely a few hours old. I loved that kitten with all my heart and soul - and the day she passed away nothing was going to stop me from crying. I was in the deepest depression of my life after her passing - and it took a miracle from God to get me through it. I never have figured out how or why - but one day while out rollerblading I wound up in front of a baptist church, having just skated across a stone parking lot and not damaging my skates at all. A pastor there came out and found me about to turn around and make my way out of there somehow and invited me in. For weeks I sought his counsel and it helped - I turned things around and got better over time.

    To this day I still cry, at least a little bit, each day when I view my photos of my departed WilyBeth. The tears never fade - but there is one thing that can give you some comfort if you believe in God and in Heaven.

    A month ago I found a pastor named Jack Van Impe on television and saw him talking about a DVD called, "Animals in Heaven?" I ordered it and just before accepting a new kitten into my life I watched the entire DVD and was inspired to bring a 3rd child into my house - one that I'd rescued just 3 months before from under my deck when she was only 9-days old.

    I strongly suggest you check into this DVD (also on VHS) and watch it. It helped me to realise that one day soon I will see my beloved animals again and that everything will be okay regarding them. God bless and please take care!

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    My dog died on Christmas eve day and we buried him in the backyard and I still am crying, we love our dogs like they are our children and it does take at least 3 days of crying to get over it, he was 12 years old and we knew it would happen, but I had a dog pass away 3 years ago too, and I went right out 3 days later and bought a Maltese puppy that looked like her and that helped more than anything to hold onto another dog that needed my love again.

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    First of all I'm sorry about your pet. :-(

    Secondly, you will be able to calm down after a while try not to rush it because of work or school or family.

    It's just like someone human die you still grieve the same way. You have loved, cared,enjoy the company, laugh with either people or animals.

    You have a heart and its in pain so just take the time to heal it.

    I lost a good dog almost 5yrs now and I still thinks of him from time to time.

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    You don't have to be more strong. Not at all. To me sobbing isTHE most hardest crying of all. And it is perfectly ok to just sob your heart out....and then some.

    I still cry when I think of one of my furry/feathered babies that have passed on. The only reason I cry is because I miss them soooo much.

    I put all of the 'kids' and 'friends' that I have lost in places that are near to my heart. Like...some I have had cremated. And the rest I have in 'special' places in the yard.

    But, there is a place called in-memory-of-pets that each one of them has a special tribute that I made just for them.

    Please, just go there and you will be happy that you did.

    Take care

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    You WILL calm down eventually, but it will never go away. When my sister's dog died, I cried for at least an hour, and it would have been longer, except that I was at the house of my cousin, hundreds of miles (3 states) away.

    I'm sorry your pet died.

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    awe I am soo sad for you hun..... it is a horrible thing to lose a pet and some times takes years to stop feeling the pain, but you will get through it,might want to take some time at a shelter and voluntee for a while thats what i did when my dog passed it was easier on me after a while. hope everything goes ok for ya

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    you are normal. A pet is a member of the family. When our dog died last year my husband became depressed and was down for at least one month. He got better when we got another dog to focus his attention on.

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    what you should do is just keep a memory (a picture or something) then just treasure the happy moments you and your pet had together. or if you get another pet maybe you should not grow so attached to the new pet just in case and so you wont be as sad as you do now.

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