help on my wieght?

i am 13 and 10 pounds overwieght can someone give me some tips to help me start not craving chiips? what are some other things i can eat when i want a snack that will fill me up?also... y am i over weight if i dance over 6 times a week (30 minutes)


i know because my doctor told me

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    you probably just have alot of muscle.not fat.

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    I am going through similar situations. What you need to do is to slow down on eating these junk foods. Start by eating small portions, because you can not take your body through a total shock by not eating chips at all just stay with small amounts. And if you do when you decided to have a break within your diet you will over eat on the chips.For snacks the best thing is to eat fruits such as watermelons, apples, and grapes. The water amount that is contained in these fruits allow your body to get full off of water. Also try exercises like jazzercise which burns a lot of fat.

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    I don't think that at thirteen years old you should really be worried about your weight. But I've been there and middle school and early high school years are the worst about this kind of thing. I think if you are really that worried about it you should just try to curb your cravings by having healthy snacks such as apples, strawberries, or any veggies that you like. And try to cut portions in half and eat only that, don't go back for seconds, just because they are there. But please try not to obsess over this too much, you're young and many teenage girls develope eating disorders, especially young dancers.

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    hey there. maybe you should think about what you're doing/thinking when the craving for chips hits you -- are you mad about something, excited, bored? oftentimes our bodies have strong responses to our emotions, and craving food is often that response. also, try reaching for protein and whole grains instead, like maybe some low-fat peanut butter with wheat thins, whole grain cereal, or fruit.

    as for your exercise, 30 min. of dancing 6x a week sounds like plenty of activity. perhaps your junk food cravings are offsetting the benefits?

    also, how did you come to figure you were 10 lbs. overweight? check out your body mass index at to see what your healthy weight should be.

    hope this helps a bit. good luck!

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    1st: instead of craving chips go get a handfull and thats it, after that get a glass of water...

    2nd: stuff with carbs can fill you up but arent necessarily good for you, but cereals have carbs and can be healthy if its u can have a bowl of cheerios with milk...or apple slices with peanut butter...

    3rd: snacking a lot can lead to overweightness even if do exercise daily...

    help: make sure (may sound corny) you eat all of what u should eat on the food pyramid, and drink lots of water, some soda preferably diet, and taking a multi-vitamin can increase ur metabolism.

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    With frequent activity, the key must be your diet. Try to stay away from snacks that are high in sugar or fat. Choose instead diet drinks, and wheat-based products (rather than flour). Some ideas for healthy snacks are: light string cheese, celery with peanut butter, healthy choice turkey lunch meat, etc. Good luck!

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    You can try anything to stop cravings but just face it you are always going to have them, if you really want to lose the weight then you will. It will not be fun, but to lose weight you will have to give up the junk food and work out more. People don't understand this is all they have to do(excluding those with medical problems).

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    why don't you try running or something

    or drink a lot of water

    with the chips why try and tell yourself that you don't want them and think about how bad they are for you

    and you have to keep on doing it

    at first you'll eat them after a while but eventually (it took me like a year...sooo long) you won't crave them attt allll

    also drink a lot of water and eat lots of fruit

    thats how I stopped eating sugar and now I don't ever want any

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    how do you come to the conclusion that you are 10 pounds overweight? if you are comparing to someone else, first realize especially if you do quite a bit of dancing, you are building muscle, which takes up less space than fat and weighs more, so you will weigh heavier but be leaner.

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    buy the chips from 7-11 then you wont eat them bc they are nasty........Im really skinny and im 12 i dance alot but i broke my foot and i noticed i was gaining weight and it wasnt alot like no more than a pound but i did not feel coomfortable so dancing works.....i was not fat enought to be called fat though

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    I tend to suffer from chips as well. Haha well not suffer but I eat a LOT. I am not overweight but I may be if I keep chipping.

    Just listen to this tip and it well help you a BUNCH...

    ***The LESS you eat, the LESS you have to exercise.

    The MORE you eat, the MORE you have to exercise.***

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