Can Phone company "Technicians" wiretap phones?

I have a co worker who swears that her significant other routinely "taps" her phone and listens in on her phone calls. She thinks its a jealousy/possessiveness issue and believes she hears a "click" noise when he is tapping her line.

She is something of a drama queen, so I want to know if she could be right?

Phone company workers... Do you know anyone who taps phone lines for personal reasons? If it happens, why are the perpetrators never caught and prosecuted?


I already know its illegal, and hard to catch and that the guy risks losing his job. I am looking for specific knowlege about how common the practice is anyway. My initial impression is that the lady is a kook.

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    Let me try to answer this one.

    1. Wiretap requires court order.

    2. If technician significant other is tapping the phone, it is illegal.

    3. If technician significant other is tapping the phone, your 'drama queen' friend WOULD NOT hear CLICK. Phone tapping at the central office is more sophisticated than that.

    4. Phone companies keep log of the activities and they are audited. Hence if someone is doing something illegal, it will be caught.

    5. Most central office equipment require password for making changes.

    6. One of the easy method of tapping is connecting a recorder at HOME itself. If your friend is worried, she needs to check out the wiring at the home.

    I don't believe a phone company worker will risk his/her job by tapping phone at the central office. If the phone is being tapped it is likely to be at home.

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    You can ask your phone company to check your telephone connection to see if it has been tampered with.

    Generally tampering will occur somewhere between the phone itself and the pole connection - there is no way a nontelephone person can gain access to a call farther down the system.

    I hate to say it, but your friend sounds a bit paranoid. Tell her to use a cell phone - the tapping of cell phones is much more difficult and the equipment is very expensive.

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    Yes, it can be done easily. It's not legal though, and it's difficult to catch. They'd have to know where to look. It's not as easy to detect as hearing a click. Anything can cause a click. My guess is she's being paranoid. She should try saying something that would test her "jealous" boyfriend. Maybe pretend to make a date, and see how he reacts when "leaving". She should right a note ahead of time explaining that it was a test and have a witness there to back her up.

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    If they were they have sophisticated equipment that would not make any type of a 'click' noise so as to alert the person being listened to.

    It is illegal in most states to listen in on phone calls without a court order.

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    Yes they have the knowledge and access to do so. If done without a court order, or for personal benefit or gain, they can be charged. They would most likely also lose their job with the phone company.

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    She's nuts. If he were tapping her phone she would never know he was on the line, unless he is outside with a butt-set or at the neighborhood box.

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