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dog has swollen adomine and is vomiting?

shes been tested for parvo and all that and is negative they are doing a xray to see if there is anything in her intestines.what else could it be if noting shows up in the xray

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    cancer? or stomach flu??

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    since the dog U ask about is F, i'm thinking that pyometra is a possibility -

    U don't mention if she's been spayed (py- is an infection of the uterus, and is life-threatening if not caught fairly early; if she's been desexed, she has no uterus, so pyometra isn't possible).

    bloat, an intestinal obstruction, bladder-blockage, severe Urinary Tract Infection that has swollen the urethra shut, thus trapping urine in the bladder, internal-bleeding, a ruptured spleen, there are many possible risks here!

    did she have a normal temp?

    did they do a full blood-profile? white-cell count will indicate possible infection; kidney- and liver-enzymes will tip the vet to problems in those organs, or an overloaded liver struggling to detox the bloodstream, etc.

    hope she's OK...

    Source(s): 30 yrs educating ppl, training pets; Certd. Vet's Asst.
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    You'll just have to wait for the x-rays. If your dog is older it could be a tumor on the spleen, and often a splenectomy relieves this. Its possible she ate something and its stuck, and she needs surgery to have it removed. I don't know what breed your dog is, but deep chested dogs can get a torsion, which means their stomach turns and it closes off the intestines, which may require surgery. There are a lot of things that could cause abdominal swelling and vomiting, you'll just have to wait and see.

    Source(s): Veterinary Technician for 4 years
  • D N
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    I think something will show up in the Xray - maybe she swallowed something.

    Hope she is okay soon...sending a prayer for a speedy recovery.

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    i have seen dogs that are poisoned display this behavior. However, it is probably a bowel blockage which will show up in xray

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    Go to your favorite breeder and start bonding with the puppies. Puppies are great!

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    if she is a big might be bloat and it is deadly if not taken care of.

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    She may have worms?

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