I am only in 7th grade..and I'm pregnant...I have no idea what to do ...how to tell my parents,,,?

ANY SUGGESTIONS?????????????????????????????



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    Oh hon...you have found yourself in a very tough situation for your age. Just be honest with your parents...what is done is done. God has a purpose for everything and everyone! Do not lie about being raped (as someone else suggested), it will only make situations worse when the police get involved and you are found to be lying. Honesty is always the best policy. I pray that you have a good relationship with your parents or with other adults that can help you break the news and prepare for the baby. Get medical attention as soon as possible. Your young age may put you at risk for some complications that many woman may not have to deal with. Please consider adoption and keeping the baby...abortion (the murder of an innocent life) is never a good answer. You would regret it the rest of your life. I know many woman who have chosen abortion and not a day goes by for them when they do not think about the child they killed. Everything will be ok! You may want to seek out a church in your area for spiritual guidance as well! You would be amazed at the wonderful things God does in your life when you allow him to! Take good care of yourself and strive for greatness....a baby may slow your goals down, but they should not stop them completely. Many single parents go to college and become very succesful in their careers! You will be in my prayers!

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    I understand this was a troll. But, if you find yourself in this position, you will have the joy of being catapulted into adult hood on a rocket sled. You need to find exactly how heavy your burden is...and you start with your parents. If they will be supportive, you need to know now! If not, you need to know now! You will be a child, raising a child and have given up the remainder of your childhood in exchange for indulging in some adult behaviors. Your time for engaging in selfish and indulgent behaviors will be over and you must, MUST begin by placing your child first, and try, TRY to avoid raising your child so that her behavior will cause you, her mother great pain, as perhaps you could cause your own mother. Life is a great circle and like a boomerang tends to circle back and we reap what we sow. Even though you say, this is not the case, it must be on your mind. I wish you luck and all the happiness that life can bring. Motherhood is a great gift and can be a wonderful blessing.....at the right time. Finally, keep in mind that all children benefit from having mothers AND fathers. Nearly 80% of prison inmates either do no know where there father is (or who) or have not had contact for many years. What can we learn from this? Good Luck!!!

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    That's sad you were treated that way. I was a mom at 15 and now she is graduating this next year. If it happens it's possible to get through it and telling parents, well my sister helped with that. But if you really are not try not to get pregnant you give up alot to be a mom it changes you, not a bad thing but tough. And it doesn't make you a whore just play smart if you want to play. Don't worry what stupid people have to say you will go farther in life.

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    Okay I'm not gonna tell you what you should have done, you can't change what's done. You should tell your parents right away, believe it or not your parents will help will they freak probably. Im not gonna lie to you, when my mom found out I was pregnant at 16 she freaked out but not as bad as I thought. She has been my biggest supporter and my best friend. She was there when my daughter was born and has been there for the last 5 years. So I think that you should sit down and tell them, it's not going to be easy and your just going to want to hide in a whole but when they know you will feel much better and wont have to hide anything anymore. Your parents can go over decisions that you can make and help you figure out what's best for you and your baby. Good Luck and I wish you the best.

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    The most important thing right now is that your getting good medical care for your child. You NEED to be seen by a doctor. ob/gyn. If you cant get in by yourself you NEED to tell your parents. Let them help you. They will probably be quite irate at first but theyll come around and Im sure theyll help you. If my daughter got pregnant Id care for the baby while she finished school so that one day she'd be able to support the baby on her own. Once they see the ultrasound and hear the first heartbeat,theyll be in love.

    Youll have to be clear about it. Admit you made a mistake but that your going to do everything you can to be a great mom. That your willing to be responsible about this and take parenting classes. You should get into a teen mom support group. Babycenter.com should have a great board for you. Also google"free mayo clinic pregnancy book". this book is awesome! I wish you the best. You are very young but in the end itll be okay.

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    OK, the negativity isn't really neccessary, i was a young mom... not quite as young as you but still. i think the best thing you can do is decide what you think you want to about the baby then gather enough information to show your parents that you have thought this out and you are mature enough to handle it. You do need to get some prenatal care quickly though so i would advice doing this soon. GOOD LUCK!!

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    Please tell your parents as soon as possible. whatever happens from here on out you are going to need their help. you are very young and in a bad situation you will need all the support you can get,life is tough but you have to be tougher.Sit with your parents and speak like an adult,you may also want to talk with the guys parents.Be honest,Be strong.Make up your mind now, that everything is gonna turn out fine in the end. Good luck.

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    My freind bought a pregnancy test and took it and left it on the table and wrote im sorry on the box...sure her mom came and picked her up from school...when i was 16 i just kept hinting around to it im like when your pregnant are your boobs sore...and my moms like yea...well thing is my moms really into herself shes a bussiness woman so shes always busy and not really listening it took me a little over a month before she really realized what i was asking and what iw as saying and when it dawned on her she was like oh my god are you pregnant and i ran to my room mslam the door and said yes then said no then said i dont know..i even lied and told her i had only had sex once...but you know she said a lotta hurtful things really hurtful things like we werent keeping the baby and we were aborting it and adoptiong and blah blah and i was a slut this and that...but you know now she loves my daughter to death..you just gotta remember when she says stuff to you she doesnt mean it...shes just upset when were upset we all say things we dont mean! you need to tell them soon so youc an get into the doctor and decide what you are going to do...sweetie goodluck and congratulations!

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    Tell your mom or a trusted adult as soon as possible. By law, since you are a minor, your parents are not allowed to kick you out, no matter what they say.

    If you really are pregnant and this isn't a joke (I hope it is a joke) you will need medical care to make sure you and your baby stay healthy.

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    Do you have a favorite Aunt or big sister that can help you break the ice. You are all going to have to help each other through this. Your dad might be more help than you think. I have been the Dad in this situtation and it was important to be involved, although my kids yes kids were in high school. Best of luck

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