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I really need help with an insurance claim situation...?

i have a problem with an insurance claim. my niece took my car without permision and she crashed it. she is a minor she is 16 years old and when then called me they told me that the car was been hit in the street and that no one has see who crashed it. i called the insurance company to file the claim and i told them what had happened. they asked me to go to the police station and make a police report so i did it, after i did all this, my niece tell me the truth about what happened. what can i do? should i call the insurance company and tell them what really happened? or should i just wait to see what the inspection people say? pls advice asap...

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    Now that you know the truth, the police report you filed is false and the insurance claim is fradulant. Best to withdraw both or at least withdraw the claim and ammend the police report.

    Whatever you do don't get yourself entangled in this in order to save some $$. Think of it as gaining a 16 year old laborer for the near future.

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    It doesn't sound like you went that far with the claim yet. Just call them up and say you don't want to report it.

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    Contact your insurance company at once. If you don't , and if they find out you can be charged with fraud. This is a federal offence and you could serve serious time behind bars.

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