rook piercing?

im thinking about getting a rook piercing. anyones opinion. i already have my 1st hole and one cartilage that i just got pierced about a month and a half ago. anyone wanna tell me about the rook piercing. if it hurts alot. if it bleeds. etcetc.

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    Rook piercings aren't any more painful than a cartilage, or conch. Basically, it's just a double piercing through the ear's cartilage. Bleeding is minimal (if any).. but it does vary from person to person (and from artist to artist, too). Just make sure your piercer knows what he's doing, and make sure he uses a needle, not a gun. I got a double helix done, years ago.. and my "artist" used a gun. It ended up cracking my cartalige, and going through major nerves in my ear. This happened 9 years ago, and it's -still- sore from time to time. Just, be careful, and educate youself before you dive into any piercings.

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    7 years ago

    I have had my rook pierced for about three months now and i love it. It didn't hurt all that bad. The worst part for me was the headache i got for the couple days following because I'm weird and can wiggle my ears and will do it without knowing i am. It bleeds a little but mostly it's the crust that makes it hurt. I'd recommend getting it done with a cbr first and then after three initial weight weeks of healing switch it to a barbell if that's what you want. It just makes it easier to clean.

  • 5 years ago

    Get whichever you want more. Everyone is saying rook is hard to heal...I never had problems with mine. Both felt kind of the same for me, the rook was a little more painful than my nostril but not much. Everyone has a different experience with all piercings. I've heard some people that just couldn't get a nose piercing to heal as well as the same thing for rooks.

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    It really does depend on the person. I had mine done in September, it is now almost January and it still hurts and has problems. Some piercings say they take a long time to heal, but often don't. This one truly does. It was interesting getting done though, he stuck a tube so he didn't get any other part of my ear.

    Now on pain, it hurt worse than my other piercings. Tattoos don't hurt that bad, more like a cat scratching, and the repeated action just gets annoying. My cartilage piercing didn't hurt at all, but the rook was fairly painful. Mine didn't bleed, but crusts up a bit, and you can't move it for the first day or two (or a few more I can't remember). It is a pain in the butt to clean though, trying to get into that small area under it.

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    I have mine done (along with some other odd ear piercings like tragus and vertical helix) plus I have tattoos. I will say this is the most painful of any. It didn't hurt while I was getting it done but about 2-3 days after, it become hot and swollen. The whole side of my face was red and hot. I went back to my piercer who said it was not infected, but that many people's ears reject this type of piercing (he said about 60% of people who get their rook pierced have to take it out). Luckily, mine didn't need to come out but it took 3 years to fully heal. If you only have a cart. and normal piercing, i WOULD NOT suggest this-- its very difficult to take care of while it heals, it bleeds a great deal and needs to be soaked in sea salts with hot water 2x a day. If I had known how much it was going to hurt, I really don't know if I would have gotten it done. The procedure itself was a little scary with the clamps and big needle.

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    I have heard that the rook is rather painful. It will bleed a bit and hurt for a few days.

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    How you react to the piercing is going to be different from everyone else. While some people say that it hurt and bleed and such, mine didn't. It didn't hurt when it was pierced and it barely bleed. It hurt if I slept on it wrong while it was healing, but that could happen with any piercing.

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    it depends on how well you deal with pain and were you git it done my friend has on and she ok with pain and it hurt a little bit and it didn't bleed but the people who did it said it would if it got infected

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    1 decade ago

    rooks are cool but I thinkt he conch is even better. They don't hurt much

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    My friend (sitting beside me) has 11 piercings and said it hurt more than anything she's ever experienced in her entire life. Doesn't bleed alot. Takes a long time to heal. Got hers in February, still hurts. Hurts worse than tattoos, much worse (has two tattoos)!

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