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I like to know the full potential of a TV Tuner?

I know that by adding a TV Tuner to the computer, one can watch TV on the computer but I like to know the full potential because I'm thinking of buying one. Any tips or something I need to know?

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    Aint no different than a TV tuner except you may have some nifty video capture software that will come with it! Another nice feature would be to save TV programs to your hard drive. Most of them come with a recorder.

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    Do you have a tv in the same room as the computer? Are you going to watch a different program than the on that is on? Do you think that you will like to watch a miniture picture while you surf? Don't you sit in that chair enough surfing?If you work on your computer don't do it you will either wast your money or loose money. (by not working) I hope that helps your questions.

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