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Volvo penta AQ 120 B question?

I have water coming up thru the carberator. It was running ok before this. I dont see any water in the oil. I have got the motor a little hot before but it cooled right down. I was told this could be caused by a blown head gasket or a bad manifold. Anybody know what is wrong with this motor

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    more than likely you have an intake gasket damaged. worst case is a ruined intake manifold. hope for the first.

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    That is a strange one. i know volvo had some very different types of connecting the water passages. And they were very tough to seal - in a tight space.

    I would hurry and pull out the spark plugs and put in some oil and then turn it over and add some more oil.

    Then check the rubber grommets from the tube that enters the head. This is a 4 banger, correct?

    But I suspect you fried the head gasket and hopefully did not warp it.

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