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i wear a 36DD bra size am im only 16, how can i make them look smaller and find the perfect bra.?

i also play sports and need to wear a sports bra, normal bra and tan top with bulid in bra all to keep my boobs well surported. Any suggestions to help with using only 1

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  • Rachel
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    As someone with a similarly large chest, the only suggestion I can make is for you to be professionally measured and try on as many different bras as possible until you find one that actually fits properly. It's a pain, but that's really the only way. Many department stores have bra fit specialists, as should stores like Victoria's Secret. I did this recently and at 24 have finally found a bra that is comfortable and looks good.

  • CG
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    Seriously. I was a C cup in HS, a D cup in college. Now I'm up to a 36DDD (I just got them measured). Yes, and for those of you reading this, they're natural. Advice #1: Goto Nordstroms and get a proper bra fitting. They are VERY good there. If you don't have a Nordstroms, go to a reputable department store. You won't be sorry. Advice #2: Pay money and don't skimp on bras. They are very important for a girl of your size. Advice #3: I also play sports and I cannot wear the normal stretchy bras that you see on most women. They are OK for wearing around, but not when running around (bouncy, bouncy). Get the catalog Title Nine. They have some great ones. I personally use the Enell bra. Mine don't move at all. The Enell is great. They have a website too.

    Oh, and they do make bras called "minimizers" out there...they do make them look smaller.

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    well, i guess what you are doing is just right cause there is no bra that could do that all. You need different bras for different purposes. Just wear your size 36DD, and there is no way you can make them look smaller because they are in fact big, if you know what i mean. If you use a bra smaller than your actual size (if you think this will make them look smaller), they will only pop out of the bra, i mean you don't want exposing your nipples under a white shirt, right? You will end up having some extra fat coming out of the sides of your bra, it will really show when you are wearing a fit tee. I guess, your size is just fine, you just have to deal with it. Good luck!

  • Terri
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    Have you tried a minimizer bra? they will help a bit. Add a sports bra on top of that and it should lessen the amount of jiggle.

    I feel for you girl. I was big in school as well.

    Go to a place like Nordstroms for a bra fitting (NOT fredericks or victoria secret, they size totally different than what you really are). 80% of us are in the wrong size bra!

    Source(s): When you are 18, check out this site about breast reductions (I was a 38J went to a 38C in Feb '06)
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    Visit a speciality shop that specializes in fitting women in their bras. Get the proper measurements and spend a little extra money on a good undergarment. You will feel better and it will fit better. Apparently a large number of women don't wear the proper sized bras.

    If you are going to look into a reduction, a good doctor will tell you to wait until you are finished developing and then investigate surgery.

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    I would get professionally measured so you can find the perfect bra for you. I'm about your size as well and I also found it very hard when exercising, but I always had to "double up". Maybe when you are older you can look into breast reduction surgery to relieve the symptoms. I'm thinking of doing that myself as you don't sound overweight like myself. But, if you are a bit overweight. Trimming down can help.

  • D N
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    Check your yellow pages for bra fitters/speciality shops to see if they can help you find an all in one bra to meet your needs.

    If there is a particular company brand you prefer (WonderBra, etc), call their head office and speak with their Customer Service Department. They may be able to give you some ideas.

    Good luck.

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    It's going to be hard to find that perfect bra, especially if you are looking for support for sports and running. I suggest finding what works for you and go from there. You aren't going to be able to find enough support in just one, regardless of where you look.

    Check out Lane Bryant for some quality bras for us beautiful women.

    Source(s): 38D by the time I was 15.
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    I FEEL your pain. Finding a larger bra is HARD. Sears sometimes has DD and DDD but the selection can be minisule. Thank god for Lane Bryant. Even for skinny girls, they usely have the best choices for larger cups. I would check them out online before you get your hopes up but I think that will be your best bet.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    i'm in the same situation as you, expect i could possibly be even smaller. theres not much you can really do about it, but i read somewhere that your breasts keep growing until youre around 21. so you still have time! also, if you eat a lot of fatty foods, eggs, tofu, carbs, etc, your breasts will grow! breasts are composed mainly of fatty tissue, so if you eat more fats and foods with estrogen (tofu has lots of estrogen, i've heard), it should help!

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