are there any online typing practice sites?

my mom got a new job and she needs help with typing.

any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Typing Tutorial is free downloadable program.

    * Main benefit is to get correct finger placing. I got average typing speed. Another benefit that i got is with number keys. i have amazing speed on them too. thanks to typing program

    2. A very useful method online is to start chating (even with u). I recommend this after she has done few lessons in typing tutorial, because she has to understand the correct finger positions

    Chating made me an expert... and most of the fast typers achieved speed through chating. my friend was very slow in typing in the beginning. but now she is so fast. i asked her about it and she admitted it was chating that helped her.

    Above all if ur mom has a will, she can learn it fast.

    Source(s): I love typing so much. Now a days i do big typing jobs as a hobby.
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